Custom RX-93-v2 [mss] - Hi Nu Gundam Multi Strike System FINAL REVISE 高ヒット

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Custom RX-93-v2 [mss] - Hi Nu Gundam Multi Strike System FINAL REVISE
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Custom RX-93-v2 [mss] - Hi Nu Gundam Multi Strike System FINAL REVISE by GundamerPat.

The Hi Nu MSS was developed primarily as a test unit by the ZAFT team, a small division within Anaheim Electronics tasked to study alternative fin funnel designs. Late in UC0093, there was a large interest in the further development of the RX-93 especially after witnessing the unforgettable performance of the parent unit RX-93 Nu Gundam piloted by Newtype Ace Pilot Amuro Ray.

While this Gundam shares similar specifications with the original Nu Gundam, this system uses an intentionally modified weapons system such as the 8 Super Dragoons integrated with its wing-like binders. The Hi Nu MSS' weapons prototype collection doesn't end there as it is also the test bed for 2x prototype "Balaena" plasma beam cannons located in its secondary wing like binders and 2x "Xiphas" rail guns mounted on its waist. Additionally, it's rifle is a modified "Balaena" plasma beam cannon just in case the 2 already mounted on its back are not enough. As it comes standard to most mobile suits, the Hi Nu MMS has 2x beam sabers mounted on its hips, 2x beam boomerangs attached to its knees, and 4 vulcan guns mounted on the head and upper chest. As far as defensive measures, the Hi Nu MMS carries 2x prototype beam shield technology and has the secondary feature of generating a beam saber. All in all, the Hi Nu MSS can take on 13 individual targets simultaneously.

The Hi Nu MSS is not the only test unit tasked to study fin funnel tech. It is in fact the second after the RX-93-v2 [lps] Hi Nu Gundam Legendary Providence System. Much like its "twin", the Hi Nu Gundam Multi Strike System exceeded all testing expectations.

The Hi Nu MSS encountered only one combat operation and it involved a top secret mission to incapacitate a rogue RX-93 variation known as the RX-93-v2 [rhrs] - Hi Nu Gundam Rehaize Revival System - a unit secretly funded by Titans Sympathizers. The Nu Rehaize in its HWS mode was destroyed by the Hi Nu MSS though its "twin", the Hi Nu LPS, did not survive the skirmish. The Hi Nu MSS program was eventually abandoned and members of its ZAFT developing team were disbanded but reassigned to work on an experimental weapon system designed to "take over" psycho based weaponry. That technology was eventually known as NT-D.  

8x Super Dragoons
2x Hip Mounted Beam Sabers
2x Knee Mounted Beam Boomerangs
2x Beam Shield with Super Beam Saber Feature
4x Vulcans
2x "Balaena" Plasma Beam Cannons
2x "Xiphas" Rail Guns
1x "Balaena" Plasma Beam Rifle
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