Custom RX-93-v2 [mtas] - Hi Nu Gundam Magna Tetra Aegis System 高ヒット

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Custom RX-93-v2 [mtas] - Hi Nu Gundam Magna Tetra Aegis System
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改造パーツ(1): MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka
改造パーツ(2) MG Infinite Justice Gundam, MG Unicorn Banshee
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Custom RX-93-v2 [mtas] - Hi Nu Gundam Magna Tetra Aegis System by @GundamerPat. See it also in

Fictional Story:
The Magna Tetra Aegis System is the effort of Anaheim Electronics to test the feasibility of a 360 degree defense capable system. The result of that effort resulted to a formidable mobile suit that was nicknamed "Carmikya", the Sanskrit word for shield bearer, because of its massive shields.

In order to meet the scope of the project, they took 4x hyper mega shields from the HWS project and attached it to 4x sub arms.They then maintained the double barrel mega particle cannons so that it may respond to an overwhelming number of enemies and theoretically take on 4 cruisers simultaneously if needed. If that was not enough for offensive capabilities, each shield housed 2x micro fin funnels and 1x beam saber. Though these were not the only weaponry in its arsenal. The Carmikya was also the test unit for the Armed Armor VN, a powerful melee based weapon capable of crushing or tearing armor. It also tested the Armed Armor BS, a Psychoframe-embedded long-range beam smart gun. In the event the unit is deployed without its shields, it also housed 3x fin funnels found on its rear skirt and back pack as well as two Schneider blades for close encounters. Lastly, it carried 2x beam uzis, 2x beam sabers hidden in its front skirt armor, 2x from its knees, and another 2x housed in its forearms. The Camikya was truly a 360 degree defensive power house with formidable offensive capabilities.

The Camikya didn't see real combat as most of its operating time was used to test various new weapon systems. The tests were succesful so much so that the concepts and technology used in the Carmikya later found their way to newer units as seen in the Kshatriya and the Unicorn series.

Only one prototype was ever made and once all testing was concluded, Anaheim Electronics retired the machine. No one knows if its parts were re purposed or if the entire system remains in tact in a secret military storage facility.

Full Armament List:
1x Armed Armor VN
1x Armed Armor BS
4x Hyper Mega Shield
8x Mega Particle Cannons
2x Beam Uzi
8x Beam Sabers
2x Head Mounted Vulcans
11x Micro Fin Funnels

Kits Used
2x MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka.
1x MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver Ka
1x MG Infinite Justice Gundam
1x MG Unicorn Banshee
1x Nu Gundam Resin Parts
1x DA Providence Gundam
2x DM Strike Gundam
2x DM Astray Out Frame D Gundam
1x HGUC Gundam TR-1 Advanced Hazel
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