Recently, the "Nano Express" published a new laser technology applications, the University of Finland and the Chinese University of Taiwan researchers found that through the green laser pointer writing technology to change the two-dimensional structure of graphene carbon atoms forged into three-dimensional objects , And graphene three-dimensional structure of the material has a strong stability, showing a different structure and two different electrical and optical properties.
As we all know, graphene can be used to manufacture a variety of electronic, optoelectronic devices, more scientists predicted that graphene will "completely change the 21st century", it is possible to set off a sweeping global disruptive new technology and new industrial revolution. It is understood that this time through laser writing to upgrade the existing graphene technology, the process is similar to the use of blue laser pointer beam "hammer" metal forged into three-dimensional form. Finally, through the experiment and computer simulation, we can observe the authenticity and mechanism of the two-dimensional structure of graphene carbon atoms to three-dimensional shape.

Nature, the structure of the decision nature, no exception, the structural characteristics of graphene determines the graphene has a thin and hard, good light transmission, thermal conductivity, high conductivity, structural stability, fast electron transport and other characteristics. The industry believes that graphene in the electronic application process, according to its layers can generally be divided into monolayer graphene, bilayer graphene, less graphene and multi-layer graphene. Because the excellent performance of graphene will be significantly decreased with the increase of the number of layers, more than multi-layer will not have the excellent performance of graphene material, in the electronic device upgrade also lost the application of graphene advantage. The two-dimensional to three-dimensional structure of the upgrade for the application of graphene opened up a new application direction.

This is achieved by obtaining a controllable building block using the power generated by the interaction of the nonlinear red laser material. In any three-dimensional manufacturing method, there is a balance between speed, resolution, and complexity, and through this method, the best balance is found. The key to this approach is to note that most practical components can be made of rod-like or needle-like components. This method can accurately create such a block, while also retaining the width of each block about 1 micron. What's better is that you can combine bar-shaped blocks to create two-dimensional layers, and even more complex three-dimensional shapes that can be created simply by scanning the green astronomy laser beam on the chip.

The current electronic age, the development and application of graphene once mature to form the industrialization, will undoubtedly completely change the existing electronic device industry. The graphene technology is still in the initial stage of exploration and application, while the continuous application of graphene technology to the industry, while constantly upgrading the existing graphene technology. In recent years, the concept of graphene has been widely sought after, the domestic R & D and application of graphene rise in the heat, and continued unabated, graphene technology upgrade to become the application of the problem to be solved.

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